Bio-Ease+™ Non-Metallic Sanitary Clamp

The Superior Non-Metallic Clamp

Bio-Ease+™ is a patented non-metallic clamp designed to meet the needs of various pharmaceutical and bio-processing applications.

Bio-Ease + Clamp Features

  • Tamper-proof and cleaner design. Won’t “trip” open.
  • Greater Sealing: Exclusive limited-slip design and floating hinge self-adjusts for balanced contact pressure.
  • Universal Standard Clamp: Compatible with ASME-BPE and BPSA standard non-metallic and stainless flange ferrules.
  • More efficient locking mechanism.
  • Light weight, less stress.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • USP Class VI Nylon 66 Material.
  • Lot traceable.
  • Testing has shown no detectable weakening after Gamma Irradiation. *


Product Information
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Pharmaceutical and Bio-processing Applications.

  • Single-Use Systems (SUS)
  • Pharma/Biopharma
  • Laboratory
  • Applications Where Metal is Incompatible


Features & Benefits

Our patented Bio-Ease+™ sanitary clamp is designed to address the needs of the single-use bioprocessing market. Bio-Ease+™ hinged clamps are manufactured using a glass-reinforced USP Class VI Nylon and are designed to be used as a component on single-use transfer lines and a wide range of bio-process systems.



Product Literature

Sterilization Methods:
  • Gamma Irradiation 
  • Autoclave

  • USP Class VI 
  • FDA 21CFR177.1500
  • Glass-Reinforced White Nylon 66


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