Nalgene Media Bottle Assemblies

SaniSure® Cap2v8® Sterile Media Bottle Assemblies provide for a means of transfer, storage, and sampling in media bottle sizes 60 mL, 125 mL, 250 mL, 500 mL, 1L and 2L, thru a one-piece molded tube and cap system. The Bottle assemblies come sterile, include a tube clamp, an end plug, and a vent filter, ready to open and use.


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Please refer to our technical bulletin for Helium Leak Testing on our Cap2v8® 38-430 by using the link below

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One Piece Molded Cap Design
  • Reduces contamination & product loss associated w/ barbed fittings
  • Closed system protects product integrity
  • Provides aseptic seal for high purity biologicals

Single Use
  • Cost effective
  • Reduced assembly & installation time
  • Eliminate cleaning validation


Materials of Construction
  • C-Flex® ADCF Tubing (Heat weldable/sealable) – ADCF Polypropylene Cap

Custom Design Capabilities With Standard Product Deliveries
  • SaniSure offers a full array of custom options including tubing, fittings/end connections, sterile connectors and bottle variations


Product Literature

Part Number Bottle Volume Bottle Material
CAP2V8-60PETG-X-2* 60 mL Square PETG
CAP2V8-125PETG-X-2 125 mL Square PETG
CAP2V8-250PETG-X-2 250 mL Square PETG
CAP2V8-500PETG-X-2 500 mL Square PETG
CAP2V8-1000PETG-X-2 1 Liter Square PETG
CAP2V8-2000PC-X-2 2 Liter Round Polycarbonate

Bottle assembly includes: 25mm 0.2μm Vent Filter, Pinch Clamp & Tubing Plug.


  • Bagged in an ISO Class 7 Clean Room
  • Tissue & Cell Culture Media
  • Cell Fermentation
  • Pilot & Process Research & Development
  • Laboratory Research
  • Aseptic Sampling
  • Vaccine Production
  • Sterile Filling & Transfer
  • Gamma Irradiated to Sterility Assurance Level 10-6

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