Gamma Stable Stir Bars

The SaniSure Sterile Stir Bars are the ideal product for a biopharmaceutical container (carboy, media bottle, solution bottle, bag, Erlenmeyer flask, etc.) where product needs to be both agitated and stay in suspension; where traditional mixers can be potentially harmful to cell growth.

Standard and custom sizes available. Manufactured from a PVDF, Gamma Stable, Animal Derivative Component Free material. These stir bars are lightweight, provide Lower Particulate Shedding, are Lot Traceable and meet USP Class VI requirements. Also available non-sterile.

Product Information
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PVDF Contact Material Standard
  • Industry proven, validatable material
  • Meets USP Class VI
  • Good Chemical Resistance with most acids and bases
  • Animal Derivative Component Free

Compact Design
  • Slides through 1/4″ Hose Barbs for quick and easy installation
  • Ideal for most 10L and 20L bag system or bottle systems
  • Light Weight


Gamma Irradiable
  • Stir Bar can be inserted into bag after assembly
  • Ability to withstand 50 kilogray

Low Profile
  • Reduce risk of penetrating bag assembly


  • Cost Effective
  • Eliminate Cleaning Validation
  • Reduce set up times and costs

  • Ability to withstand repeat use if necessary


Magnetic Control
  • Repeatability and Consistent Results

Smooth & Consistent Finish
  • Material Contact Surface does not shed particulate
  • Eliminate Cross Contamination


Product Literature

Part Number Size Contact Material Diagram
SS-SB-0525-PVDF-G 5 mm x 25 mm PVDF StirBar5mm25mm
SS-SB-0557-PVDF-G 5 mm x 57 mm PVDF StirBar5mm57mm
SS-SB-0625-PVDF-G 6 mm x 25 mm PVDF StirBar6mm25mm
SS-SB-0657-PVDF-G 6 mm x 57 mm PVDF StirBar6mm57mm
SS-SB-0832-PVDF-G 8 mm x 32 mm PVDF StirBar8mm32mm
SS-SB-0851-PVDF-G 8 mm x 51 mm PVDF StirBar8mm51mm
SS-SB-1038-PVDF-G 10 mm x 38 mm PVDF StirBar10mm38mm
SS-SB-1051-PVDF-G 10 mm x 51 mm PVDF StirBar10mm51mm
SS-SB-1080-PVDF-G 10 mm x 80 mm PVDF


  • Media
  • Buffer Preparation
  • Process Purification
  • Bioreactors for Cell Applications
  • Fermentation/Harvesting
  • Formulation
  • Final Fill

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