Aseptic Closed Mixing System for Low Shear to Vigorous Mixing. Magnetically coupled suspended mixing device inside a closed 5, 10, 20 or 50 liter container. MIXED4SURE™ eliminates the risk of unpredictable results associated with the use of a normal stir bar. Available in Polypropylene or Polycarbonate depending on size of container. Customizable to meet your needs.

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  • Large Mixer to Volume Ratio
  • 5L, 10L, 20L, 50L Capacity
  • Inserts into all 83B openings
  • Patent Pending
  • Low Shear to Vigorous Mixing
  • Can be Customized

  • Closed System
  • Ships Pre-Sterilized
  • Patent Pending
  • Low Shear to Vigorous Mixing
  • No Surface Contact
  • Disposable


Non Metallic vs. Stainless Steel
  • Lighter in weight
  • Excellent biological inertness; low level of extractables
  • Reduce risk of corrosion and long term degradation; no rouging in plastic
  • Excellent chemical resistance with most acids and bases
  • Similar in strength and mass to stainless steel

Design Capabilities
  • Endless number of custom capabilities
  • Quick prototype capabilities
  • Ability to supply small lot configurations as well as large
  • SLA and machine prototyping capabilities


Material Options
  • Polypropylene, PE, PVDF, Polysulfone, Fluoropolymers and other materials based on individual application needs

Product Capabilities
  • Engineer design capabilities (Inserts, dip tubes, containers, tanks, sanitary flanges, mixing devices, machined components)


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