Bottle Solutions


SaniSure® provides ready-to-use bottle assemblies from 10ml to 20L to simplify your sterile manufacturing. Our PharmaTainer™ Assemblies fit all your applications in USP or DSP, such as liquid transfer, sampling, mixing, aliquoting, filling, storage, and shipping.

We manufacture the four key components of our Bottle Assemblies: bottles, caps, tubing, and fittings. Our unique portfolio enables us to create a single-use assembly suited to your application needs. SaniSure® guides you through the process, from concept to production, including product contact material control and supply assurance.


PharmaTainer™ Assemblies


  • Sterile Liquid transfer
  • Aseptic sampling
  • Filling Freezing Thawing applications
  • Mixing operations


  • Ready to use
  • Sterility validated
  • Custom fabrication in ISO 7 celanroom
  • Vendor independent component flexibility


  • Bottle closure size: 48mm or 70 mm with molded or hose barb technology
  • ISO 11137 sterility program.
  • Extractables and biocompatibility studies for our tubing, caps, and bottles
  • Components Animal Derived Ingredient Free (ADIF) and USP Class VI
  • Last Drop and precision dip tubes available

Top-quality single-use rigid containers


Serial number number to allow the bottle to be traced in each step of the process.

Easy to manipulate

The PharmaTainer™ design includes a grip ensuring you can manipulate the bottle without difficulty.


Our manufacturing process is ISO 9001-2015 certified, and our cleanrooms are ISO 14644 Class 7 compliant.

No leakage

Our caps are manufactured with a double seal to provide a fail-safe closure. No gasket is required and no overwinding is possible.

More in PharmaTainer™ Bottle Solutions

Incorporate accessories to your PharmaTainer™

PharmaTainer™ Bottle Solutions can be combined with accessories, like 2-, 3-, and 4-ported caps with hose barbs, closure/opening chucks, and a range of sterile and individual replacement caps in HDPE.

Reach out to us for superior product quality and customization.