Closure Systems

Our Cap2V8® offerings incorporate the Cap2V8® cap, a one-piece molded tube-and-cap system, with your chosen container: PharmaTainer™ and Nalgene® bottles, GL45 glass bottles, Gibco™ media bottles, centrifuge tubes, or shaker flasks.

The molded design of the Cap2V8® assembly creates a closed sterile system that protects product integrity and provides an aseptic seal for high-purity biologicals, reducing the possibility of contamination and product loss often associated with manual processes and designs.

Aseptic transfer, storage, and sampling

The SaniSure® Cap2v8® Closure Systems reduce contamination by eliminating cleaning validation.

Our Cap2v8® offerings enable a more cost-effective operation due to lowered labor and installation time.

Looking for other single-use components?

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