Bottle Solutions

One2Fill™ 10x Simultaneous Fill

The first simultaneous bottle filling system for bioprocessing

One2Fill 10x Simultaneous Fill streamlines up- and downstream bioprocessing applications, including media or buffer preparations, sampling, and drug substance filling, with speed, precision, and simplicity.

Our new simultaneous bottle filling system

One2Fill™ 10x Simultaneous Fill simplifies set-up time, resulting in quicker bottle-filling operations while ensuring accuracy. You can find One2Fill™️ 10x Simultaneous Fill solutions ranging from 125ml to 2L.

The benefits of our One2FillTM 10x

Fast and simultaneous bottle filling

The SaniSure® One2Fill™️ 10x Simultaneous Fill fills your bottles in 5 minutes versus 1 hour. Our newly developed hub system embedded in the One2Fill™️ 10x solution allows simultaneous filling of containers with ±3% filling accuracy. With only one filter per manifold, One2Fill™️ 10x significantly reduces the time for vent filter testing.

Precise filling

The One2FillTM 10x Simultaneous Fill solution provides high-accuracy simultaneous bottle-filling in volumes ranging from 125ml to 2L. Our studies showed that One2FillTM 10x Simultaneous Fill distributes fluid into 10 bottles with an accuracy of ±3%. Our precise solution reduces hold-up volume and lowers footprint.

Simple to use bottle-filling system

Vent filter tests are time-consuming and take approximately 15 minutes per filter. The SaniSure® one-vent hub technology reduces this hurdle, allowing users to perform testing for only one filter rather than ten. In addition, our One2Fill™ 10x Simultaneous Fill solution reduces risks associated with filters, especially at low temperatures.

Simple connection

The One2FillTM 10x Simultaneous Fill solution can be easily installed. Take the One2Fill™ tray out of the box and get the manifold. In just 40 seconds, you can install the manifold in the tray, aseptically connect it to your bulk solution, and start filling your bottles simultaneously.

Lower the CapEx

The One2FillTM 10x Simultaneous Fill solution allows you to handle bottle-filling operations with only a single peristaltic pump (plus an optional balance), reducing your investment from approximately $100K to $5K compared to current filling systems. The SaniSure® One2FillTM 10x also takes up a low cleanroom footprint.

Clean & robust bottle-filling solution

One2FillTM 10x Simultaneous Fill is made of high-quality single-use components. Our drop test-proof PharmaTainer™️ bottles are USP788-compliant, ensuring outstandingly clean processing. Our hub system technology and one-piece over-molded caps result in a cable-tie-free solution for the most critical connections in your bottle-filling applications.

One2FillTM 10x features

Take a closer look at our One2FillTM 10x

One-Vent Hub

One-vent filter in a robust ultrasonic welded hub system and reduced filter testing.

Tray System

Easy to handle. Our tray system lowers the cleanroom footprint.

Cap2V8™️ and CellGyn™️

One-piece molded tubes and cap system reduce the chance of loss and contamination.

PharmaTainer™ Bottles

Outstandingly clean and USP788-compliant bottles.

Ready for simultaneous and accurate bottle-filling?

One2Fill™ 10x Simultaneous Fill allows you to fill ten bottles simultaneously with precision, increased speed, and simplicity, all while offering lower investment expenditure.

Contact us to learn more about this solution, or download our One2Fill™ resources for technical details.