Bottle Solutions

Our PharmaTainer™ Bottle Solutions range from 10ml to 20L single-use bottles in PET or PC. This sterile solution can be used for liquid transfer, storage, and transporting vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, culture media, or other biotech materials.

PharmaTainer™ Bottles are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility dedicated to producing sterile single-use products for use in the biotech and pharma industries.

Outstandingly clean and strong bottles

The PharmaTainers™ by SaniSure® are extremely clean and strong rigid containers for single-use.

Our bottles are produced with ADCF virgin medical-grade resins in an ISO 5-classified environment.

PharmaTainers™ are certified sterile SAL 10-6, conform to USP788 and USP85. The bottles are delivered in triple-bag packaging with a vacuum-sealed innermost packing layer.

Top-quality single-use rigid containers


LOT number to allow the bottle to be traced in each step of the process

Easy to manipulate

The PharmaTainer™ design includes a grip ensuring you can manipulate the bottle with no difficulty.


Our manufacturing process is ISO 9001-2015 certified, and our cleanrooms are ISO 14644 Class 7 compliant.

No Leakage

Manufactured with a seal-first approach. No gasket is needed, and no overwindin

Looking for other single-use components?

SaniSure® offers a wide range of products, solutions, and custom fabrication assemblies to serve your biomanufacturing process.
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