Bottle Solutions

Our PharmaTainer™ Bottle Solutions range from 10ml to 20L single-use bottles in PET or PC. This sterile solution can be used for liquid transfer, storage, and transporting vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, culture media, or other biotech materials.

PharmaTainer™ Bottles are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility dedicated to producing sterile single-use products for use in the biotech and pharma industries.

Outstandingly clean and strong bottles

The PharmaTainers™ by SaniSure® are extremely clean and strong rigid containers for single-use.

Our bottles are produced with ADCF virgin medical-grade resins in an ISO 5-classified environment.

PharmaTainers™ are certified sterile SAL 10-6, conform to USP788 and USP85. The bottles are delivered in triple-bag packaging with a vacuum-sealed innermost packing layer.

Top-quality single-use rigid containers


Serial number to allow the bottle to be traced in each step of the process.

Easy to manipulate

The PharmaTainer™ design includes a grip ensuring you can manipulate the bottle without difficulty.


Our manufacturing process is ISO 9001-2015 certified, and our cleanrooms are ISO 14644 Class 7 compliant.

No leakage

Our caps are manufactured with a double seal to provide a fail-safe closure. No gasket is required and no overwinding is possible.

PharmaTainer™ Drop Test

Gamma-irradiated 10L PharmaTainer™ bottles were filled to nominal volume and frozen to -80°C for 2 days. The bottles were then dropped two times in a row onto a flat concrete surface from a height of 110cm.

After the contents were thawed, leak tests were performed on the sides, base, and closure. All bottles passed the drop test with only minor scratches!

Looking for other single-use components?

SaniSure® offers a wide range of products, solutions, and custom fabrication assemblies to serve your biomanufacturing process.Reach out to us to learn more!