Flex4Sure™ Single-Use Bag Systems

Flex4Sure™ Bag Systems have been developed to offer supply chain flexibility by leveraging Renolit’s INFUFLEX 9101 ULDPE film in its construction. The SaniSure® Bags are suited for storage and transporting fluids. In addition to a common PE Bag film, our 3D Bag Systems are engineered to fit market-leading totes, which can further simplify implementation, and we are able to offer customized chamber dimensions and port configurations if needed.

Simplified change management

The SaniSure® Flex4Sure™ Bag Systems were designed to fit into existing hardware and eliminate CapEx costs for new 3D bag containers. Integrating Renolit’s INFUFLEX film into our Flex4Sure™ Bag Systems simplifies your change management.

Find the right single-use component

Looking for other single-use components?

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