Roller Cell 40

Our Roller Cell 40 (RC-40) is a self-contained, automated roller bottle processing system designed to automate all roller bottle adherent cell culture stages – from inoculation, incubation, media change, and trypsinization to final harvest. The SaniSure® Roller Cell 40 unit can simultaneously process the equivalent of 200 standard roller bottles. RC-40 closed system suits all three main cell culture harvest formats: multi-harvest, lytic, and cell harvest.

Closed-system automated roller bottles

SaniSure® Roller Cell 40 produces dramatic time savings, significantly reduces labor costs, and virtually eliminates handling-related contamination.


Roller Cell 40


  • Viral vaccines
  • Viral vector processes
  • MABs
  • Rec. proteins
  • Cell therapy


  • Automate all stages of roller bottle processing
  • Convert from lab scale in less than two months
  • Perform media exchange of 40 5x roller bottles in 30 minutes
  • Harvest 40 5x roller bottles in 15 minutes – without opening them!


  • Homogeneous filling due to consistent pressure pump
  • Robust 316 stainless steel frame
  • Touch screen multi-color
  • HMI Automatic tilt system
  • Two 20-bottle position rotors
The gamma-irradiated RC-40 Bottle Packs consist of 20 bottles ready-assembled with tubings, manifolds, and filters, providing access to the cell culture area via a single aseptic connection.

One Bottle Pack is required per rotor, and once placed in the rotor, the SaniSure® RC-40 enables all further processing to be performed without additional bottle handling by the system operator.

The SaniSure® Roller Cell 40 (Mark 2) has two 20-bottle position rotors, each fitted with a multichannel peristaltic pump.

The pump volume, rotor direction (both clock and counterclockwise), and speed are controlled via a a modern Siemens HMI KPP 400 Comfort controls, including password protection, alarm histories, remote operation and multi-language capabilities.

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Want to revolutionize your roller bottle system?

The SaniSure® Roller Cell 40 enables media exchange to harvest to be done automatically in a self-contained environment.

Learn more about how RC-40 saves you time and labor costs.