FILLING Solutions


Custom single-use filling assemblies for bioprocessing

Fill4Sure™ offers bespoke final fill assemblies designed around the drug product. With a wide range of sterile-validated components, Fill4Sure™ is fully customizable to ensure your drug product has The Best Home a Drug Can Get™. Build security, efficiency, and repeatability into your drug product filling.

Fill4Sure™, the final fill assembly placing the drug product first

Fill4Sure™ assemblies are designed with the specific chemical and physical drug product characteristics in mind to ensure that your product gets the best home a drug can get.

The benefits of our Fill4SureTM

High-throughput, Multi-Needle Filling

Fill4Sure™ enables multi-line filling without the introduction of downstream line splitting. Each fill line is independent of the other, providing superior fluid dynamics to ensure the process pumps can perform optimally for accurate drug product filling. Customize your Fill4Sure™ surge bags to have between 1 and 12 filling ports, depending on your fill requirements.

A Filling Needle for Every Situation

The Fill4Sure™ needle range encompassed standard OEM replacement needles and fully customizable needles bespoke to drug product considerations all produced without adhesives or oils for minimal particle generation. Streamline supply-lines with genuine OEM replacements of single-use needles. Fill4Sure™ needles can also be customized to provide specific nozzle configurations to remediate unfavorable drug product results during filling.

Aseptically Port for Efficient Fluid Transfer

Fill4Sure™ includes the ability to aseptically port standard RTP bags in a customized manner to allow the safe and efficient transfer of drug product into the filling environment.

Increase the throughput of filling operations with continued, aseptic delivery of drug product.

Remove Turbulent Interruptions and Increase Connection Security

Fill4Sure™ filling assemblies can be made using silicone overmolded tubing connections to provide optimal fluid dynamics with the reduction in component-driven bug traps and turbulences. Increasing the connection strength also offers enhanced assembly integrity to ensure the drug products remain secure throughout prolonged filling operations.

Single-Use Silicone Manifolds for Robust Drug Product Delivery

Fill4Sure™ single-use, multi-position manifolds enable aseptic drug product separation into multiple fluid lines without the requirement for a 2D surge bag. For operations where drug product circulation is required for sustained product homogeneity, or the location of process pumps external of the filling environment a truly single-use manifold can enable efficient drug product fluid paths.

Precision Peristaltic Tubing

With a diverse and precision-focused portfolio of tubing within SaniSure, Fill4Sure™ is perfectly designed to integrate all tubing types to ensure specific drug product considerations are recognized and accuracy of filling is achieved.

Take a closer look at our Fill4SureTM

Fill4SureTM Needles

OEM and Custom needles made for ever filling machine and tailored to fit drug product.

SaniSure Tubing

World-leading biopharmaceutical peristaltic tubing to ensure drug product filling accuracy.

Ready for the last filling system you’ll need to design?

Fill4Sure™ is the product that takes the drug product considerations first to ensure that every fill is safe, accurate, and repeatable.

Scale up operations with our multi-position components without changing product contact materials to continue providing drugs the best home they can get.