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The first bottle mixing system for commercial biomanufacturing


One2Fill™ 10x

Introducing One2Fill 10x, the new bioprocessing bottle filling system enabling simultaneous filling of ten bottles with a ±3% accuracy. Streamline both up- and downstream applications with our efficient, clean, and robust One2Fill 10x solution. This new SaniSure® solution can be ordered in volumes ranging from 125ml to 2L.

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Mixed4Sure™ is the first bottle mixing system for commercial biomanufacturing. When compared to bag mixing systems, this SaniSure® solution lowers:

  • Minimum mixing volume by 120 times
  • CapEx mixing costs by ten times
  • Set up times by ten times
  • Shear forces by two times

Our Solutions

One2Fill™ 10x

One2Fill™ 10x is the first simultaneous bottle filling system for bioprocessing. This SaniSure® solution simplifies up- and downstream applications by ensuring fast and simultaneous filling at an accuracy of ±3%. Our clean and robust One2Fill™ 10x solution:

  • Fills ten containers in only five minutes
  • Connects with the feed line easily with an installation of just 40 seconds
  • Reduces vent filter testing due to our One Vent Hub technology
  • Reduces CapEx by 20x compared to current bottle-filling systems

Our Solutions

Roller Cell 40

Roller Cell 40 (RC-40) is a self-contained, automated roller bottle processing system designed to automate all roller bottle adherent cell culture stages.
Our RC-40 allows you to same time and reduce labor costs, while virtually eliminating handling-related contamination.

Our Products and Components

The SaniSure® single-use components provide the bioprocessing industry with high-quality, customizable products and assemblies.

Our offers range from Cap2v8® Closure Systems to PharmaTainer™ Bottle Solutions and everything one may need for biomanufacturing, such as Tubing, Filling Needles, Bag Systems, and other Sanitary Components.

Our Company

SaniSure® is a global leader in developing and manufacturing single-use solutions for the bioprocessing industry.We offer innovative products and components for all stages of sterile manufacturing, with core manufacturing capabilities including injection molding, cleanroom assembly, tubing extrusion, injection-stretch blow molding, fabrication, and proprietary technologies.

Sustainability at SaniSure

SaniSure has a long history of manufacturing innovative and high-quality products for the bioprocessing and biopharmaceutical sectors.  In recent years, sustainability has become vital in the industry, and we have embraced this shift in two new ways. First, by having our company rated for environmental sustainability by Ecovadis, and second, by joining the UN Global Compact.