filling needles

Filling Needles

Fill4Sure™ Filling Needles provide a needle for every drug product application or filling machine. SaniSure® offers ready-made and tailormade needles providing 100% coverage across the fill-finish arena, uncoupling the restrictions posed by OEM needles.

Fill4Sure™ Filling Needles are made from premium 316L stainless steel with polycarbonate housings in an oil- and adhesive-free manufacturing process. Filling speed, precision, and accuracy are at the heart of the design process.

Tailormade precision filling for single-use applications

The SaniSure® Fill4Sure™ Filling Needles break down the barriers of OEM needles while providing superior filling precision, accuracy, and finish for any drug-product filling application.


Fill4Sure™ Filling Needles


  • Drug Product Filling
  • Cell and Gene Therapy
  • Drug Substance Aliquoting
  • Co-axial Liquid/Gas Filling


  • Hybrid needle design to provide cost-effectiveness, and repeatability in a single-use format
  • Rigid 316L stainless steel shaft for strict needle straightness when compared to polymetric shafts
  • OEM replacement and customized needle hubs


  • USP Class VI PC Needle Hubs
  • 316SS ISO 9626 Compliant Needle Shafts
  • Autoclave and Gamma-irradiation (max 50kGy) stable sterilization
  • REACH, RoHS, phthalate and latex free


  • ISO 7 Classified Fabrication Cleanroom
  • ISO 9626 compliant 316L Stainless Steel
  • USP Class VI healthcare grade
  • Polycarbonate certified to 21CFR177.1580
  • ISO 10993-5 biocompatibility compliant
  • USP 788 particulate quantification
  • Autoclave and Gamma-irradation (max 50 kGy)
  • REACH, RoHS, phthalate and latex free

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Looking for tailormade Filling Needles?

The SaniSure® Fill4Sure™ Filling Needles can be customized according to each project’s needs.

Learn more about how we can cover your fill-finish challenges.