Cap2V8® Gibco™ Bottle Assemblies

The SaniSure® Cap2V8® Gibco™ is specifically designed for the media Gibco™ bottles of 125ml, 500ml, and 1000ml. Our one-piece cap with tubing is made with polypropylene and TPE tubing.

Our standard Cap2V8® Gibco™ bottle assemblies have one 18-inch feed line with a clamp and dip tube and one 4-inch vent line with a hydrophobic filter. This design is provided sterile and is ready to be installed on Gibco™ media bottles.


Cap2V8® Gibco™ Bottle Assemblies


  • Tissue and cell culture media
  • Pilot and process research; product development
  • Laboratory research


  • Molded and unitized construction (no adhesives)
  • Certified sterile
  • Cost-effective aseptic transfer and sampling device
  • One continuous flow path
  • Lot-traceable
  • Meets USP Class VI


  • For Gibco Media Bottles from 125 ml to 1 liter
  • Last drop dip tube available
  • Multiple custom options available


  • ISO 11137 sterility program
  • All components USP Class VI and ADCF

More in Cap2V8® Closure Systems


Every drop counts

The SaniSure® Cap2v8® Last Drop is a rigid dip tube specifically designed to reach the bottom of any container. Last Drop positions itself directly into the bottom corner or outside edge of a bottle, allowing for the return of every last drop.

The Cap2v8® Last Drop also provides an additional advantage for bottle mixing by positioning itself out of the way from a stir bar.

Customize your assembly

The SaniSure® Cap2V8® Closure Systems range can also be tailor-made to your application. Tubing sizes, lengths, and accessories can be adjusted upon request. Reach out to us to learn more.