Gamma Stable Stir Bars

The SaniSure® Gamma Stable Stir Bars are the ideal product for simple agitation of biopharmaceutical process solutions.

Available standalone or integrated into a variety of container formats, they provide a simple mixing solution and process flexibility. SaniSure® Gamma Stable Stir Bars are available in various sizes to suit the desired container volume. They are Animal Derived Components Free, meet USP Class VI, and are lot traceable.


Gamma Stable Stir Bars


  • Media
  • Buffer Preparation
  • Process Purification
  • Bioreactors for Cell Applications
  • Fermentation/Harvesting Formulation
  • Final Fill
  • Process development


  • Available Pre-Sterilized
  • Gamma-Stable
  • Animal Derivative Component Free
  • Lower Particulate Shedding
  • Lightweight
  • Cost Effective Lot
  • Traceable
  • Autoclave stable


  • Bagged and labeled in packs of 5 in an ISO Class 7 Cleanroom
  • Sterility Assurance Level 10-6 (ISO11137)
  • Standard and custom sizes available


  • USP Class VI compliant

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Looking for more control and consistency?

The SaniSure® Mixed4Sure™ range can be combined with high-quality accessories like mixing plates, sensor reading equipment, and a chiller unit. These accessories are essential for precise control and consistency in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

Reach out to us for superior product quality and increased efficiency.