Mixed4Sure™ Top Mount

Mixed4Sure™ Top Mount combines the Pronto impeller with our SaniSure® PharmaTainer™ bottles or other bottle formats from 5L to 50L to create a simple aseptic closed-system mixing platform.


Mixed4Sure™ Top Mount


  • Buffer media prep
  • Sterile or non-sterile mixing
  • Powder mixing


  • Powerful mixing for powder–liquid solutions
  • One-minute installation
  • Low CapEx
  • Exceptional product recovery (PharmaTainer™).
  • Pronto impeller available standalone for 83B and 70mm bottleneck (PP, PET, PC, and glass)
  • Excellent chemical resistance to most acids and bases
  • Elevated stirring reducing particle generation


  • 0-600 rpm
  • Volume range: 5L to 50L
  • pH range:
  • Sterility Assurance Level 10-6 (ISO11137)
  • Animal Derived Component Free (ADCF)
  • Can be specified autoclave and gamma irradiation stable


  • USP Class VI compliant
  • USP 665, ISO 10993 BPOG, extractables and biocompatibility procotols for our tubing, caps, impeller and bottles.
  • USP 85 Bacterial Endotoxins compliant

More in Bottle Mixing Systems

Looking for more control and consistency?

The SaniSure® Mixed4Sure™ range can be combined with high-quality accessories like mixing plates, sensor reading equipment, and a chiller unit. These accessories are essential for precise control and consistency in biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.

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