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The first bottle mixing system for commercial biomanufacturing

Change the game for small-volume mixing with Mixed4Sure™, the single-use, out-of-the-box mixing platform specifically designed for biopharmaceutical mixing steps.

Our new small-volume mixing system

Mixed4Sure™ reduces the set-up time and the risks of undesirable effects in mixing whilst enhancing repeatability. You can find Mixed4Sure™ vessels ranging from 500ml to 20L.

This SaniSure® solution allows you to lower the financial investments and increase the flexibility in mixing processes.

Mixed4Sure™ features

The benefits of our Mixed4Sure™

Lower your minimum mixing volume

Mixed4Sure™ allows you to mix at all process volumes from 50ml to 20L continuously. Minimum mixing volumes in flexible single-use bags is ~6L, which means that Mixed4Sure™ achieves 120 times lower minimum mixing volume. The SaniSure® Mixed4Sure™ also allows you to to continue mixing during offload and ensures fluid homogeneity down to 50ml. This capability ensures that the consistency of your drug is maintained to the last drop.

Reduce mixing costs

The easy integration that Mixed4Sure™ provides can lower investment expenditure by ten times compared to bag mixing systems. The SaniSure® Mixed4Sure™ integrates with standard mixing plates and is the only hardware required for the system. With Mixed4Sure™, you decrease capital expenditure associated with mixing steps performed in double-walled or jacketed stainless steel containers and their corresponding mixing drive.

Set up your mixing system faster

Mixed4Sure™ has been developed with ergonomics in mind and offers true out-of-the-box operation that changes how single-use technologies can drive cycle time optimization. You can easily unpack the SaniSure® Mixed4Sure™, place it on the mixing plate, connect it to the fluid inlet, and optionally, connect it to the heating/cooling finger, and you’re all set. Mixed4Sure™ is ready for filling in under two minutes, allowing you to set up your mixing system ten times faster than bag mixing processing.

Decrease the shear forces in your mixing system

With Mixed4Sure™, you minimize the undesirable effects of shear forces on your sensitive protein, such as degradation and aggregate formation. The SaniSure® Mixed4Sure™ has been demonstrated to create shear forces that are half that of a comparable bag mixing system and a magnitude of 4 lower than the forces leading to protein degradation.

Take a closer look at our Mixed4Sure™

4-blade Impeller

Exceptional low-volume mixing performance!

Low volume mixing

Mix at all process volumes from 50ml to 20L continuously!

pH & Conductivity Sensor

Pre-calibrated sensor for ease of use!

Powder Port

Dedicated inlet for addition of solid components!

Ready to change the game for small-volume mixing?

Mixed4Sure™ allows you to reduce minimum mixing volume and enhance the consistency of your bioprocess solution, all while offering lower investment expenditure.

Contact us to learn more about this solution, or download our Mixed4Sure™ resources for technical details.