Fill4Sure Filling Needles

Fill4Sure single-use needles come in a variety of custom sizes engineered to fit all final filling processes and filling lines. The innovative, proprietary press fit technology allows for no oils or adhesives to be used in the manufacturing process.

Needle straightness and overall concentricity are routinely inspected and critical dimensions are verified prior to lot release.

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  • Overall Length                                 5.440in (138.2mm)
  • Shaft Length                                     4.212in (107.0mm)
  • Housing Length.                              1.260in (32.0mm)
Standard Housing Diameters
  • 5/16in (8.0mm)                               3/8in (10.0mm)
Inner Tubing ID (1)
  • 0.8mm                           1.5mm                           2.5mm

  • 1.1mm                            2.1mm                           3.5mm

    The Gas Inlet Port is available in 90° or 45° configurations.

    The Inner Tubing is available in 316L SS or PEEK.



  • 316L stainless steel tubing.
  • Precise ID/OD.
  • ISO 9626 corrosion testing.
  • USP Class VI.
  • 21CFR177.1580.
  • Animal derived ingredient free (ADIF).
  • EMA/410/01 Rev. 3, Section 6.
  • Does not contain latex, phthalates, or RoHS.
  • Needle straightness (2mm/M).
  • QA lot release.
  • Gamma irradiatable or autoclavable.
  • Sizes ranging from 0.8mm up to 5.0mm.

  • Ready to use.
  • Fit into all filling machines.
  • Precise holder fit.
  • No oil or adhesives with our press fit.
  • No cleaning.

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